canopus-mother-and-childWorld-class solutions require worldwide effort. Here at Canopus BioPharma we maintain a worldwide perspective on the development of first-class pharmaceutical technologies to help combat a vast range of infectious and life-threatening diseases as well as international health threats. With research and development carried out on four continents and our unique insight into natural treatments coupled with our scientific capabilities, Canopus BioPharma is your partner for a secure and healthier future.



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canopus-productsNature knows best, that is why at Canopus BioPharma, we work closely with natural agents and cultures. Combined with our internationally renowned scientific capabilities, we can deliver proven results time and time again.


One of the greatest inventors of all time, Isaac Newton, is famous for saying “if I have seen a little further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants”. Following his lead, we have strategic alliances with universities and research facilities on every continent and in every time zone enabling us to see further while standing on the shoulders of these giants


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Stress and Anxiety Patient Study

Recruitment is set to begin in the coming weeks for a Phase IV patient study to evaluate the ability of Canopus’ Neutraceutical product, Total Calm and Focus™ to alleviate stress and anxiety in patients.


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